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By gordonmscott, Dec 22 2016 12:06PM

What do we really own? This may seem like a silly question since surely may come the reply, "We own what we have bought!"

As a baseline definition let us cooperate with it and say further, that we pass on ownership when we agree on a monetary worth for which we can exchange it. Neat huh .Also without resorting to money, we can literally exchange it for something else...A painting for another painting for example, or just give it away.

Since on a transactional level we pass on ownership so often in our lives, sometimes very casually, one could say that we are temporary caretakers of all that we possess. From technical toys to cars and houses, furniture to gold and silver heirlooms, they are passed on eventually even in death to those that survive us. We claim to own things for the time being at least, then we tire or want an upgrade. Some people live such an abundant life that they change things just to keep from getting bored or just because they can. God forbid that you don't keep up with the latest trend.

We set such store by possessions, a very telling word, that we hem ourselves in with them behind security alarms and tall castle walls to keep out stealers and snoopers. Our adopted social sttructure is founded on learning as early as possible how to be a consumer. All will go well if you stay in the sweety shop for as long as possible and buy as much as you can whilst keeping a hungry eye on the shelves above your grasp. Don't worry if you haven't got enough pocket money, if you fill out the form and we like the look of you, we'll give you more money for a small, or not so small fee. All this to keep you interested.

Caretakers we remain though. We create and create. It is our choice whether anyone sees our art. Leave it long enough and it will be seen and purchased. A friend or family member has access to your ourput first, but some think that a buyer of this sort is not as satifying as a total stranger. It doesn't really matter. We create and somewhere in our heart we know that it will not be in our hands for long; a week or a few years certainly. As much as we are custodians of our art; we are custodians of our lives. All will change for we are in an evolving, unfolding landscape.

So with all your creative imagination try and let go of the idea of ownership. Be no more than a caretaker who passes on stuff to others. Everything is temporary and we seek fulfilment in the letting go, irrespective of notional value.

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