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By gordonmscott, May 4 2015 08:15PM

The profound influence of storytelling underpins our earliest experiences, and I have found an irresistible urge to dedicate my fine art practise to visionary narrative drawing and painting. This has a direct empathy with the mythological and religious narratives of the Neo Classical Mannerist tradition

I use landscape as an emblem for poetic myth and a theatre where the individual as hero embarks upon his quest. Leaving the safety of home, he may venture through archetypal forests where he must overcome some unforeseen challenge. Yet for me we are accomplices’ to the narrative. I painstakingly detail my work with tools, objects, flora and fauna, which provide clues to elucidate the vision. The figure or group may show us something though gesture or demonstration. They rarely perform anything in isolation; rather for me the viewer completes the cycle of the narrative.

I see my work as a platform where I can convey what I have found about the human condition; and in landscape the precious nature of wilderness. The journey can be transcendent; the adventure uncovers hidden processes, almost as if in circumventing the labyrinth, we find a helping hand. The title of the work is never arbitrary; rather it is our first major clue to the story.

The classics have always been an inspiration; how a strong compositional structure was created; how colour, balance and harmony are best achieved. Patience in crafting detail is so important to me, and so many historical works make this a prerequisite to fine art. I make my own stretcher frames and prepare my linen in the traditional way. This is the foundation of the work and I cannot rush the effort.

I like to travel throughout the U.K when I can to source landscape. Yet because I look for a particular quality, more often the moors of the West Country, Northern Dales and the Scottish Highlands provide the eye on wilderness which I search for. This form of alpine landscape has all the components I need to create a theatre of drama and challenge for the figures in my work.

May 7 2015 07:03PM by Amanda

The feeling I get when looking at your art is akin to the connection one has with the story unfolding in a great book....you are there, inside the story and you can't look away.
The wonderful thing is that you also have a great ability to paint stories with words.

Nov 5 2017 06:16PM by mark burrell

I really enjoyed looking at your work, full of imagination and sculptured form thankyou, im also a painter, so had a really good look, loved the play of light and dark, full of mystery poetry in paintform. all the very best to you.mark.

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