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By gordonmscott, Feb 25 2013 08:25PM

My first self portrait in ...far too many years is proceeding apace.

Feb 25 2013 08:33PM by Jim Howden

Nice one Mr Scott!

Jun 4 2013 10:44PM by allan ramsay

love the drawings , love the writing , all the best , Allan

Jul 22 2013 09:23AM by Marco Cottone

Long ago I was an Italian tourist in Scotland. I visited Inverness. I found a an exibition of picture. The painter was Gordon Scott. I saw a painting called Janus. It struck me like a lightning, I couldn't walk out from the hall. Eventually had to go, but never forget that masterpiece.
Thank you.

Jul 25 2013 12:10AM by gordonmscott

Thank you very much Marco, It is always a pleasure to have contact with someone who remembers me from so long ago. My first solo Exhibition entitled 'Into the Labyrinth' August 1989.
I will try and put my retrospective work on this site soon. I still have the painting called Janus. Hopefully I can arrange print offers too.

Jul 25 2013 08:14AM by Marco Cottone

It was two lives ago (Janus rules!): both things (again!) you have proposed are great! I'll be waiting for both of them.

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